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1-1/2 Horse Power McCormick-Deering "M" Made in1931. The engine is a sparkplug model and has a Wiko EK Magneto on it. I purchased the engine at the K & O Steam and Gas Engine Show at Winfeild, KS, in August 2001. The engine was in running condition as purchased, but needed a new feul tank and repainting. Disassembly and restoration of the engine is already underway, and has been done here and there since 2001. Click on below pictures to enlarge.

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  1. This picture shows the engine in the shop in late August or early September. The picture is a little dark.

  2. This photo is a little brighter. I am pouring gasoline into a small container so that I may prime the mixer.

  3. A shot of the head and mixer. Note the home-made choke plate.

  4.  Pouring the gas in, ready to crank it up.

Below are some recent pictures from the restoration process. I started in 2001, but progress stalled until 2012 when I resumed work on it.

Picture 1 Picture 2

Picture 3 Picture 4

  1. Finally, the flywheel is off!

  2. Parts loaded up to be sandblasted

  3. Painted parts hanging up to dry

  4. Fuel Pump. I'll have to make a new diaphragm for it.

Briggs & Stratton L1 Made in 1931 I picked this little guy up in Pawnee at the show in 2012. It is 1 horsepower at 1000 rpm and was made for use on washing machines, lawn mowers, etc. It uses a foot pedal to start. It runs fine, despite the fact that the governor assembly is missing. The engine appears to have been semi-restored, and had a nice wooden skid on it when i bought it.

Picture 1 Picture 2

Picture 3 Picture 4

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