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This new page is the film page. It shall be devoted to showcasing some of my film interests.

I started collecting 16mm films and equipement in the summer of 2000. However, this was not my first interaction with film equipement. I was first exposed to film by an Aunt of mine who had a large home movie library on 8mm silent films. Then, in high school I found 2 portable movie screens, a Bell & Howell Dual 8 projector, and a little Gaf camera left in the band room after a band garage sale. I quickly got permission to take the stuff home and soon after bought a 50ft super 8mm cartridge from Camera Gallery in Tulsa. This was in 1997, and they still carried movie film in their shop.
    My many weekend trips to Guthrie from Stillwater over the summer of 2000 soon found me with my first real projector, a Kodak Pageant, model 250E. I then began looking every where for films to play on my machine. I now have 5 full-length feature films plus a number of shorts in my collection, as well as other items of interest.

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