RCA Victor Victrola Portable Record Changer

RCA bought the Victor Talking Machine Co in 1929, and the rights to the Victrola name. You can see a 1933 RCA Victor wind-up Victrola here. This unit was made in about 1956-1958. It features an RCA changer that is actually very similar to a V-M changer. In fact, RCA bought the rights from V-M to make this changer, based on V-M Tri-O-Matic. None of the changer parts are interchangeable with a V-M changer, and I think that the quality off the RCA changer is much better than the V-M changer. This unit has twin speakers and a simple tone control, yet it plays remarkably well and has surprising bass.

Tube line up

  • 12AV6   Audio Amplifier
  • 50C5     Output
  • 35W4      Rectifier


Chassis before electronic restoration:

Below, chassis after restoration. This was an easy unit to repair.

Below, part of the label inside the chassis area.

Below, the schematic. As stated earlier, this is an RCA made changer, made under license from V-M, and not a V-M changer. Information on this unit has been hard to find, so I made my own. Service data for the changer, however, is relatively easy to come by. It is an RCA 205 changer, and service data is available in pdf.

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