Philco Radio Model 49-406


An 8-tube tabletop AM and FM radio in a clean-styled bakelite cabinet is an excellent way to describe this little gem of a radio

Above, The cabinet is in untouched original condition.

Below, A 120V nite-lite bulb is used for the dial lite, and makes the dial glow very nicely.


Above, the chassis before electronic restoration.

Below, afterwards. This is not a job for the faint of heart. Recapping this set requires work and material enough to do 4 or 5 AA6 AM-only sets. The wiring is tight in places and many hours went into this, but the results are worth it as this is a great sounding radio on FM.

Below, the tube line up

ID Type Function
V1 12AU7 Converter-Oscillator Broadcast
V2 12AU6 RF Amplifier-Frequency Modulation
V3 14F8 Converter-Oscillator FM
V4 6BJ6 Intermediate Frequency Amplifier
V5 6BJ6 Intermediate Frequency Amplifier
V6 19T8 AVC-BC Detector-FM Ratio Detector
V7 50A5 Beam Power Output
V8 117Z3 Rectifier

The intermediate frequency is 455Kc on Standard Broadcast AM and 10.7Mc on the FM 100 band

Service Data:

Riders Volume 20, Philco Pages 20-15 thru 20-25

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