My "new" electronics work area

Thanks to a University surplus auction, I was able to relocate my electronics repair stuff off the drafting table and onto a dedicated work bench.

The bench is, in reality, a Steelcase desk and table that I combined into one unit. The desk was a standard size desk with a typewriter space on one side, and drawers on the other. It had a very nice Formica top. The other Steelcase piece was a table/desk, same size top as the desk already described, but with just a single drawer. One of the leg units was bent slightly, making it wobbly.  So, I combined the good leg unit and drawer from the table with the top and 3-drawer pedestal from the desk to create a desk with a very wide knee-hole. The end result looks much more like a work bench with the long open knee-hole than a 3/4 size desk. The addition of the 3-drawer pedestal also makes the whole piece more stable, as well as more useful.

Above, my Steelcase electronics workbench with a few projects and test equipment. The 4-drawer cabinet is also a Steelcase piece, and my 'scope is perched on it to save space.

I have the drawers arranged with frequently used tools and materials on top, with less frequently used materials on bottom. I have not yet decided how best to utilize the middle drawer. Eventually, and probably after I move, I will place a wall-mounted shelf across the back of the bench to hold the test equipment and other material storage devices, thus giving more room on the top.

The corner of my primary desk can be seen in the bottom right side of the picture. It too is a Steelcase desk and has an oversized top.