1962 Motorola Console TV model 23SF15W-FMZ


This is quite a nice set. It features a 23" screen, a AM-FM-FM MPX stereo radio, and a Voice of Music record changer done up with the Motorola "M"s on it. Much like the RCA Nuvista set, this one was donated to the collection. I am happy to say that, with the exception of the rubber idler on the record changer, this set was in good working order upon acquisition. I did, however, spend some time cleaning up noisy control pots in both the audio and TV front panel controls.

The Chassis

This set uses three chassis: Radio chassis, FM MPX chassis, and the Television chassis. I'm not sure yet how Motorola does its chassis designations, but the Radio chassis is marked THS-1076B  6M62; the FM MPX chassis is marked HS 996-A; and the Television chassis is marked QETS-584A-05B  7M62. This set has a VHF tuner only, and intercarrier sound IF.

The V-M record changer has the features you would expect for a changer of the early 1960's. It will stack 14 seven-inch records, or 12 ten-inch records, or 10 twelve-inch records. Or, you can stack up to 10 records of varying size of the same speed, and the changer will automatically detect the record's size. The changer has four speeds: 16-2/3, 33-1/3, 45, and 78.

Tube Line-up

Radio Chassis
Tube ID  Tube Type Function
V1 6AQ8 FM RF Amp & Converter
V2 6BE6 AM Converter
V3 6AU6 1st FM IF
V4 6BA6 2nd FM IF & AM IF
V5 6HS6 FM Limiter
V6 6AL5 FM Discriminator
V7 12AX7A Left & Right Channel AF Amp
V8 6GK6 Left Power Amp
V9 6GK6 Right Power Amp
V10 6CA4 Rectifier
FM-MPX Chassis
V1 6AU6 28 KC Doubler
V2 6AU6 19 KC Amp
Television Chassis
V1 6GK6 RF Amp
V2 6CG6 Mixer-Oscillator
V3 3BZ6A 1st IF
V4 3BZ6 2nd IF
V5 6BL8 3rd IF & 2nd Clipper
V6 6GK6 Video Amp
V7 6BU8 AGC & 1st Clipper
V8 6BL8 Vertical Oscillator & Audio IF
V9 6DT6 Audio Detector
V10 6BL8 Horizontal Oscillator & Phase Detector
V11 6DQ6GB Horizontal Output
V12 6AL3 Damper
V13 3A3 HV Rectifier
V14 6GK6 Vertical Output
V15 5U4GB LV Rectifier
V16 23AHP4 Picture Tube

In addition, a 1N60 crystal diode is used for video detector in the TV chassis, and a 2SB56 Transistor is used as an Emitter Follower in the FM-MPX chassis.


Eventually, an electronic restoration will be required. This TV is now my "daily driver" in the living room, and I have used the radio and record changer quite a bit. Eventually, the first thing to be replaced will be the idler wheel in the changer. In spite of the phono-no slip I applied to make the changer work, the wheel is still rock hard and somewhat noisy in operation. The capacitors used in this set are mostly ceramic types, but a few molded plastic caps lurk here and there. The filter caps will no doubt be the first caps to get replacement, even though there is no hum, why take chances?

Overall, cosmetically the cabinet is in good shape, with a few light scratches here and there. This will be a good TV to use for many years to come.


Controls for radio and TV. Top row of knobs, left to right: function, stereo balance, volume, tone, and tuning. Bottom row of knobs, left to right: contrast, brightness, vertical hold, channel/fine tuning, and optimizer (focus).

The V-M record changer.

Below, the 23" black and white picture.

Below, another screen shot.

Below, overview of TV turned on. Note the indicator light on the right side.

That's it!

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