69-70 Chevy Truck Pictures

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This page has pictures of other 1969 and 1970 Chevy trucks that I have collected either from the internet or from personal visits. At the bottom are some pictures of trucks that are either GMC or from the rest of the 67-72 series.

1969 trucks

1970 trucks



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These pictures are of a '69 C/10 from ebay. This is the most bare-bones truck I have ever seen in this model series. White paint, painted bumpers, not a bit of optional exterior brightwork, and not even a radio. Check out the dash photo with the factory blank-out plate for the radio position. This truck also has a 307 engine, 3 speed transmission with column lever shift. I bet if you were to look at the option list on the glove box, the only things listed would be the white paint, the blue interior trim, painted rear sport bumper, and optional guages. And the blue and white interior actually looks sharp. This truck is the very definition of a no-thrills model. (note that it is virtually impossible to buy a pickup this basic today)

I'm glad I found these pictures to put near those of the other white '69. It is a 1969 Custom Sport Truck/10, which I found on ebay also. This truck, however, has been restored, and tastefully so, though in my opinion, it would be better if it hadn't been lowered. This truck demonstrates the other extreme, and is loaded with options, like air conditioning, power assist brakes and steering, a big 396 V8, lower and upper body side molding, sport rear bumper, and both bumpers are chrome. The interior has been tastefully restored and is a beautiful three-tone white black and grey.


When I first became acquainted with these models, I preferred the ones without the optional side moldings because I thought it took too much away from the contours of the sheet metal, especially how the upper side crease "sinks" at the front and back. However, after seeing a few and getting my own truck with these side moldings, I have revised this attitude slightly. I will try to explain more on some of the following trucks.


These pictures are also from ebay and show a nice 1960 Custom Camper/20, which is a 3/4 ton fitted with special option with camping use in mind. Although the pictures don't show any Longhorn emblems, this truck does have a 8'-6" bed. Other options include air conditioning, power assist brakes, and maybe power assist steering. The truck appears to be all stock and original, even the paint, which looks very nice.


It is nice to see this model with the camper on it still. The Longhorn beds were specifically marketed for this use.



This truck, the rough jewel that it is, is the main reason why I had to have one of these trucks. It belongs to a close friend of mine, and was previously owned by her mother and grandfather before that. I have ridden in, and driven this truck on several occasions, and it was the first of these trucks to be exposed to. Obviously, the experience was very favorable. The truck is very bare bones basic, but not as basic as meets the eye. It has optional lower side trim, optional tail light trim, optional gauges, and optional radio (AM). I think it has a few other options, such as heavy duty springs and radiator. Otherwise, it is totally base: 307 V8, 3 speed column shift transmission, "Chevy Blue" (as she calls it) paint, blue interior trim, painted bumper and rims (she tells me that the hubcaps are painted too).

She does have problems with the column shift, but does not want to get rid of it. If you have a usable, cheap or free column shift steering column for these model years, E-mail me, and I will e-mail her your address. She will really appreciate it.


There are enough pictures of my truck elsewhere on this site, but this picture is the one I took of it on the first occasion I saw it. It is a two-tone gold and white. The upper trim molding is not as distracting with this two-tone arrangement, and does not take away form the lines of the sheetmetal. The picture below, which is of a 1970 with a '71 front grill (Blasphemy!!) shows the other, more common two tone scheme which I personally find disagreeable.

This truck was another ebay truck picture. The painted front bumper looks rather sad. This was the only photo the seller provided. I was just happy to see another medium gold & white two-tone like mine.

I found these pictures of a nice gold and white 1970 C/20 truck for sell while surfing the internet. This truck has very little in way of optional exterior trim (Okay, it actually has no optional exterior trim, it even has standard painted front bumper and fuel filler cap), but it makes up for it inside: Optional scroll pattern door panels, with wood grain insert, air conditioning, power steering, power brakes, 350 V8 and a TH350 transmission. Note the original painted hubcaps too. It is rare to see such an interestingly optioned truck.


Another 1970, this time a CST/10, found on the internet for sale. This one, however, has that *other* two tone paint scheme. really though, on a dark color that is already going to hide a lot of the body lines, this arrangement makes the truck look a lot lighter because the white patches are bigger. Since this is the CST package, it has all the the nice extra trim, including the extra tailgate trim and sport rear bumper. The air conditioning, power steering and brakes also enhance the CST options, thought they themselves were not actually part of it.



These pictures are of a really nice C/10 on ebay. According to the description, this truck was repainted sometime before 1983, and has been garage kept. Note that it is immaculate, and all stock too. As for options, it is pretty bare: gauges, white cab, upper side molding, chrome bumper, optional wood bed floor, carpet, cloth seat (original? and note that the steering column, wheel, dash pad, arm rest, and carpet are red. These parts were only available in 5 or 6 colors). Standard equipment not optioned off include a 250 inline six, 3-speed manual column shifted transmission, and manual brakes and steering. Apart from the wire spoke hubcaps, which might look good on a Cadillac or Olds, look cheesy on a truck, and aren't original, this is the way I like to see these trucks. The picture captions were added by the seller, and really, this is the best represented truck I have ever seen on ebay.


Notice that on one of these trucks, if you ordered (or happen to find) a truck in a particular color, like orange in this case, you had better really like orange, because all the metal surfaces inside are going to be orange. The red trim really looks a lot better than the orange trucks I have seen with black interiorsa very dreary combination, unless you just like Halloween all year long!


Here is another ebay truck in one of those colors you'd better really like. This is a restored K/10 that someone has incorrectly put C/10 emblems on (confirmed by the vin number, KE140J135xxx). A few options include automatic transmission, power brakes, power steering and a 350 V8. Otherwise, its pretty bare: no gauges, no exterior trim, painted bumpers (it does have a painted rear sport bumper), and rubber floor. The steering column and wheel would probably have been brown to match the dash (looks like they've been painted), the brown dash and off-white door panels really help break up the green. This truck has been tastefully restored and really looks nice. Coincidentally, this truck rolled out of the same factory as mine, Janesville, Wisconsin.



This is a very tastefully restored shortbed found on ebay. For every 6 long bedtrucks built, one shortbed was built, thus making shortbeds very rare. This particular truck is a Custom/10. The Customs were a step below the top level CST option, and a step above a base C/10. This truck has an automatic transmission, 350 V8, power steering, and power brakes. Tan upholstery has been well used inside to break up the overpowering red. As you can see, this truck has been well restored and will command a high premium. The engine bay has been dressed up a little too much for my tastes, but it is not excessive and looks good. This is a truck for play.



Note that someone has put the front bumper from a  '71-72 truck on. As you saw from the picture above, the 71's and 72's don't have the turn signals in the grill, so they are in the bumper. Why this bumper is on this truck is anyone's guess.... maybe he converted the original grill-mounted signals to fog lights!! Also, the steering wheel just looks awful. I know it is "cool" to have these small steering wheels, but to me in these trucks they just look dumb to put it frankly. Did you see he also forgot the tailgate trim? Still, this is a nice truck.







These pictures are being included only because I took them personally. They were all taken during my "looking" phase, and looking at them, you would think I was only looking at GMC's.

This is the first truck I looked at. It is a 1968 GMC 1/2 ton with a 292 straight six, and 3 speed column shift manual transmission. It looks like it has few options, such as optional lower side trim and gauges. After consulting the net, the original paint really is pink, not faded red. Pink was available only on GMC trucks and is a rare color option. I really like seeing all that open space around that six.

This is a 1971 GMC 3/4 ton, without an engine and transmission. It can be yours for $500 and is Tryon, OK. The body is really pretty straight, with only some rust under the doors. Green with white cab, and upper side molding. The front bumper has signals in it(?), but I also see signals in the grill under the headlights. Note that from 67-72 the GMC trucks are identical except of course no side marker lights in 67, and the 69-72 models use the hoods with steep front slopes like their 69-72 Chevrolet counterparts. The owner of 105 Garage and salvage will throw in the proper steering column if you buy it, as well as the original TH400 transmission sitting in the bed. You can see in one of the pictures a 67-72 model cab sitting on a short bed frame next to it.

On Womack's corner (corner of US 177 and SH 105) you will find this 1971 GMC with a lot of little things. A lot of body work has been done, and I couldn't find any rust on it. It has a 400 cubic inch engine, auto transmission with shift kit, no heater. In fact, the fire wall has been shaved. Not too bad though for $850. I hope someone can make it nice again.

When I came across this truck on ebay, I decided it was too unique not to be included. Besides, we already have quite a few GMC trucks here anyway. What you see here is a 1972 K2500 (that is the GMC nomenclature for a K20, or 4 wheel drive 3/4 ton) stepside that has had the stock fenders replaced with tool boxes. If you will recall, older automobiles up until the 1950's had narrow bodies with fenders around the wheels that projected out. Then they started making the bodies wider and the fenders started to project in to the body. In the world of pickup trucks, the boxes with the old style fenders on the outside (box as wide as the cab used to be) were called stepsides, because the running boards were used as steps, while the new style boxes that were as wide as the cab with fenders inside became, in GM (and later, general usage) fleetsides. From 1960 until 1987, on stepside models, the same box was used with different fenders for the different generations. Since the fenders simply bolt on, after market add-ons were an easy conversion. Here, the fenders have been replaced with Knapheide service boxes. Note in one of the photos, a vice installed on one of the boxes.

This is really a super truck, and looks really nice. A few points here and there to nitpick though, as I noticed the seller claims it's all original and the boxes are *supposed* to be dealer installed. Regardless, this is still a great truck, and, being a '72, it is the very end of an era.


It is nice to have so many photos, and a photo of the VIN decal. Now, we don't have to speculate, we can see exactly what was, and what wasn't on this truck when it left the factory. I see:

What do I see that isn't on the list (and was probably added/fumbled during restoration):

This truck has over 125,000 miles on it, and in its condition, is going to be worth a premium. But, don't be fooled when someone tries to jack up the price by saying its all original. It is, nonetheless, a great truck.

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