Stewart Warner Radio Model 61T26

Circa 1946

This radio is a 6-tube AA6-type receiver. This set is also an excellent performer. With a tuned RF stage, and permeability tuning, it is very sensitive, selective, and more immune to noise than capacitor-tuned radios. This set outperforms all of my other standard-broadcast AM radios, even my Hallicrafters S-85. This set is a step in my quest to obtain a Woolaroc model 3-1A, which is the same chassis in a different cabinet. Stewart-Warner was amongst the many radio manufacturers that supplied radios to Philips Petroleum which they sold under the name Woolaroc. In the mid 1990's, I got to surf the dial in the evenings and at night one weekend on this model radio in a lakeside cabin, and was very impressed with the set's performance.

The cabinet is Bakelite wit ivory finish. I suspect it has been repainted at some point in time.

The functions of the knobs from left to right are: volume/on-off; tuning, and two-position voice/music tone.

Above is a rear view of the radio. The antenna is the wood frame, and has grooves around the perimeter with 14-gage wire for the antenna.

Above, the label for the radio on the underside.

Above, the underside of the chassis before electrical restoration. The radio played when I got it, and it is obvious that several parts have been replaced over time.

Above, after restoration. Since I want to use this radio frequently, it made sense to go ahead and replace all the wax caps and redo the electrolytic caps. I kept the two orange drops because they were good, and the correct values

ID Type Function
V1 12SK7 RF Amplifier
V2 12SA7 Converter-Oscillator
V3 12SF7 Intermediate Frequency Amplifier-Detector-AVC
V4 12SK7 Audio Amplifier
V5 35L6-GT Beam Power Audio Output
V6 35Z5-GT Rectifier

The intermediate frequency is 455Kc. Note the unusual tube line-up. All pentode amplifier tubes, and the detector tube is combined with the IF stage instead of the first audio stage.

Above, looking up the schemaic in the Rider's manual.

Service Data:

Riders Volume 15, Stewart-Warner Page 15-7 and 15-8

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