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Remember the old electronics page? Well, unfortunately, I remember just enough to know what fonts to use and what colors, but the rest I'm winging it. Anyway, enjoy the projects here and proceed at your own risk!!

Radios and Other Consumer Electronics

I really enjoy collecting and restoring old tube radios. most of my sets are table top sets made in the late 1930's and late 1940's. I will be adding photos of my radio sets as time permits

Trutone Model D2634  Wood Tabletop Am Radio. My first tube radio ever, and a good little radio.

Airline Model 04BR-514B  A Montgomery Ward radio with push-button tuning.

Crosley Model 56-TN  Wood Tabletop AM-SW Radio.

Crosley Model 56-TU (O)  Ivory painted Bakelite table radio with classic AA5 tube line-up.

General Electric Clock Radio 518F A fun way to wake up with this AA5 clock-radio.

Hallicrafters Model S-85  Communications receiver. My only 'boatanchor'

Philco 49-406  Table top AM-FM radio is a great performer.

Sentinel Model 333-W  A small 6-tube AM-FM radio using the Hazeltine "FreModyne" 1-tube FM circuit.

Silvertone Radio-Record Player/Recorder  A very neat prewar unit with eye tube for tuning and record volume indication.

Stewart-Warner 61T26  Without a doubt the best performing AM radio I have ever heard or owned.


GE Portable Record Changer  A 4-tube concert hall in a suitcase.

RCA Victor Portable Victrola  A great portable 3-tube phono/record changer.


Test Equipement

Yes, I have some test equipment. I kind of have too, with all these old radios and TV's everywhere. They all like to be kept in shape. All of my test equipment works and gets frequent use.

B&K Model 1076 TV Analyst A complete TV troubleshooting tool.

B&K Model 1460 Oscilloscope My only scope, and a very recent addition.

Voltage waveforms as they appear on an oscilloscope. These are mostly TV related.

My electronics work area See where I repair my gear.

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Jensen PR-300 3-way speaker system A first-class example of the type of speakers recommended for use with the amplifiers shown in this section. If you happen to have a set, you are leagues ahead.


Vacuum tube equipment uses higher voltages than transistorized equipment does. In fact, Many of the voltages used in vacuum tube electronics are higher than the voltages at the wall outlet.Take proper care when working with this type of equipment. Most of these schematic are based on antique commercially made amps and have been modified to remove odd or obscure parts and/or to suit my tastes. If I like it, I put it up here. So, Enjoy!!

A Phono Pre-amplifier  A simple tube phono pre-amp that features inputs for both ceramic and magnetic pick-ups

A five tube stereo amplifier    A classic design with 2 tubes in each channel and a rectifier.

A six tube stereo pre-amplifier     Requires an external amplifier. features 4 line inputs, and 2 phono inputs

A six tube power amplifier A complete  monophonic amplifier, with line input, bass and treble controls.

A seven tube stereo output amplifier A stereo power amplifier that requires a pre-amplifier with volume and tone controls.

A nine tube stereo amplifier This is a complete stereo amplifier. No phono stages, has 6 line-inputs for line devices such as tuners, tape decks, CD players.

NO CHASSIS LAYOUTS!!!!! Gives you complete freedom to figure out where parts should go.


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