This is my television page, dedicated mostly to older televisions and television related projects. Hopefully you will find this site to be of great value.

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Vintage TV Sources-a can't do without list for people working on vintage televisions

1959 Motorola 23" Console Model 23SF15W-FMZ

The Collection

1951 RCA Victor 21" Console Model 21T177

1957 RCA Victor 14" Portable Model 14-PD-8055

1957 RCA Victor 21" Portable Model 21-PD-8115

1962 Motorola 23" Console Model 23SF15W-FMZ

1963 RCA Victor Portable Model 94A160MV

197X Panasonic 12" Portable

197X General Electric 12" Portable


The Early Television Foundation

Phil's Old Radios

The Radiola Guy

The Radio Page


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